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About Me -Alphabet

I found this extreamly funny idea to tell facts about one so I decided to borrow it. Go explore the beautiful blog Brunch in April in which I found this! It’s absolutely fabolous in every single way one could imagine!

Ambition: To be a singer. To have my own boutique. To be the best mom ever for A.
Bad Habit: Staying up too late. Shopping.
City: Jyvaskyla
Drink: Coffee - definately.
Education: Not finished yet.. Almost there! (Well, to be honest I’m college graduate and a media assistant already.)


Food: Pasta.
Guilty Pleasures: Shopping. Eating Candy. Watching TV-series on DVD non-stop for a day
Hometown: Jyvaskyla
Ice Cream:
Lemon and liquarice
Jonesing for: Singing in stage. It has been my true passion as long as I can remember.
Kryptonite: Clothing A. Chocolate. Tattoos.
Look-a-like: I’ve been told a couple times that I look like the oldest sister of the TV-serie “Charmed”
Movie: Disney Classics, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Vacation in Rome, Sex and the City and many many more.
Nickname: Onion (in Finnish it’s Sipuli - and I hate it), Satsa, and mom
Obsession: Reading. Going through internet catalogs. Collecting books & DVDs.

Perfume: Clean clothes. Babies. The new Versace fragrance which name I can’t remember.
Quirk: When I’m angry or distressed I clean. I need to change the order of the furniture quite often or else I start to feel uneasy.

Regret: Not learning to control my temper earlier (I still kind of suck at it)
Starbucks: Hoping we would have one in Finland (lame isn’t it?)

Thrift Find of the Year: My new agent dress which is still waiting in the closet for its debut.
University: Jyvaskyla’s university for applied sciences.
Vacation: Italy. Will be going there again this summer - but this time it’ll be A’s first time on a plain.
Wine: Don’t drink it yet.. But I do like sangria and calimochos.

X: Is a mark I usually draw on things that I have written or drawn badly.
Years: 23 going on 24 (even though sometimes I feel like I’m already 40).
Zen: Morning coffee (on weekends). Coffee on cafés’. Laughing with my friends. Watching a movie with my baby. Shopping. Walking or driving during the night.
I’m also a sugarholic and a dreamer.

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