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I should like so join the Blues Brothers!
I didn’t realize it would be freezing outside!

Feeling the 50’s vibe ;)

Tomorrow we’re gonna have a very-very-very late brunch with my friends. And I just can’t wait - but unfortunately I totally forgot to do my grocerie shoppings so I have a lot to do during tomorrow morning… I had hoped for an easy morning with nothing to do except just watching tv and dozing off. Well - I have no one else to blame than myself with this one…

Photos show my outfits for today (zebra skirt) and yesterday… And I must say that I absolutely loved my yesterday’s outfit. Now it’s time to put a movie on and start relaxing! Hope y’all have a pleasant evening!


Here we are again - with a little professional look. Lately I’ve been feeling more comfortable in skirts and dresses but because I’ve been wearing them quite a lot I’ve become a bit sick of them… It’s like you’re wearing the same damn clothes every freakin’ day! :D

But because I’m at work right now (even though in a different outfit) I think it’s time to get professional… That’s a sentence that sounds freakishly dirty!

Have a lovely day! xoxo!

Whoa! It’s weekend! I still don’t know what I’m about to do with Babe tomorrow but I’m sure we’ll figure it out ;)

Now I’m gonna eat some ice cream and watch Glee!
Ps. Terribly sorry about the last post’s text… Not sure what happened :D

Okey, so here we are - at work again! It’s almost weekend (for me), I have to work tomorrow and then I’ll get one day off and then I start my 6 workday week all over again (blah). 

It’s almsot August which means that I’ll be adding my school on top of my works which now seems a lot of work. Well, now I’m gonna start working! (Well - just kidding! Gonna go and make a post for Mon Enfate A)

Okey, I haven’t been blogging in a while. I’ve been just too tired. I’m gonna go out tonight with my girlfriend (we’re having A COUGAR SATURDAY :D) and I really need to take a nap (OMG - am Ireallythis old?!??! And WHEN did this HAPPEN?). So I’m gonna go to take a nap and then try to get myself to look like a human!


Here it is. My outfit for today.

We’ve had a crazy busy times yet again so we haven’t got time to shoot outfits… I have no idea what’s been keeping us so busy because all I’ve been doing is working.
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